Nieuw met het glutenvrij dieet? Voor eerst bij de Gebaksjuwelier? Maak kennis met onze producten via dit glutenvrije proefpakket. Inhoud:

– donker meerzaden brood

– mini broodje bruin

– croissant

– zakje haverkoekjes ca. 150 gram

– brownie

– gevulde koek

Eén proefpakket per persoon. Kan verzonden worden!


De ingrediënten van de producten in het proefpakket zijn te vinden bij de losse producten.



1 beoordeling voor Proefpakket

  1. Garima (geverifieerde eigenaar)

    Ordered my first package this week. The proefpakket contained some different items, most of which were quite nice. But surprising to see that something was very wrong with the haver cookies! Perhaps too much of some spice (I’m guessing cinnamon or something similar). This made for a very weird and bitter aftertaste. Good thing we had a lot of leftover whipped cream so we could dip the cookies in it and make it bearable. Quite disappointed with the cookies, hope this was only a bad batch and it is usually better.

    • Paula (geverifieerde eigenaar)

      Hello Garima, thank you for your feedback. I am sorry to read that the haverkoekjes did not pass your test.Can you please give me the production date (on the bottom of the package) for me to check it out? Please send it to Thank you so much.

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